Polgarus Studio Christmas dates for 2018

It’s getting down to that time of year again, so we wanted to let you know about the Christmas cutoff dates this year for formatting.

We will be totally closed (no email, no formatting done), from December 21 until January 1 (inclusive). We might peek at email once or twice during this time, but don’t email expecting an answer during that period 🙂

The last day we will accept priority books is December 18.

The last date you can book ahead for formatting is December 14.

The last day we will schedule new books for December that come in via the website (without a booking in advance) is December 10. Any books received after December 10 will be scheduled for January (unless you choose the priority option, which gives you up to December 18).

If we get a lot of books in December, there is a chance we might need to change these dates just so we can ensure we get everything done before the Christmas shutdown. So it would be a good idea to book ahead no matter what!

Wishing you all a happy holiday season!