A.G. Howard

I’m a traditionally published Young Adult author. So when I first decided to indie publish my New Adult series, it felt like a daunting task to someone who had always had the behind-the-scenes work done for them. I’m very grateful one of my author friends recommended Polgarus. They’re so reasonably priced, I didn’t hesitate to try them out. My first contact was with Marina, and she was professional and knowledgeable as we worked together to pick chapter headings and fonts. Shortly after, Jason came into play, formatting, tweaking, and polishing until I had beautiful eBook and print versions that could be easily uploaded to distribute online. Jason and Marina saved me so much time and stress, and in return gave me a final product that’s high-quality enough to compete against traditionally published works. I’ll be using them for all of my future formatting needs, and will also recommend them to my colleagues. Thank you Polgarus!

The Architect of Song (Kindle, print)