About Us

polgarusstudio-logoThe core of Polgarus Studio is a husband and wife team (although we have a team of freelance editors we work with), living in beautiful Devonport, Tasmania, Australia.

Marina Anderson is probably the first person you will meet when you contact Polgarus Studio. She has had many articles published in magazines and has a strong literary background.

Jason G. Anderson is a self-published author of a novel and several short stories. He has a background (and university degree) in computers and software programming, and ended up coming to the world of words late in life!

Once you contact us we will answer any questions you may have, and happily give you any advice you may need. Both of us will do all we can to make sure the book you receive from us looks exactly how you want it. While Jason is the main person you will deal with once the book is ready to go ahead, both of us work on the formatting of books.

If you have a general inquiry, you can contact us using the web form over here.


Why “Polgarus”?

The second cat we ever owned together was named Polgara (after the character of the same name in the David Eddings novels). She was very much Jason’s cat and was rarely friendly with other people (or cats).

She also thought she was living in ancient Egypt several thousand years ago, and that she should be worshiped as a god as the ancient Egyptians did 🙂

Unfortunately, like all the animals we have in our lives, her time with us was too short (although she did make it to ten years). She passed away a few years ago from heart troubles. When it came time to name our business, we threw around a few ideas but eventually decided to use a variation of her name.