Testimonial – John Grover

I’d become a little frustrated with trying to format my books for publication so I was happy when I ran across Polgarus Studio. I read about their services and liked how they described them and what they had to offer. Their fees were reasonable so I decided to contact them. I’m glad I did.

They were prompt and professional. They were really easy to work with as well. I had chosen a certain style to begin all of my chapters and they pointed out that it might not work out so well visually. They were right, but not only that, they recommended something I hadn’t thought of and it looked better!

I would highly recommend anyone wanting to publish their own books and not have to bother with formatting to use Polgarus Studio. Their additional service of fixing typos for you after you publish the book is a great bonus! — John Grover

The Human Condition (Kindle)
Creatures and Crypts (Kindle/CreateSpace)
Frozen Stiff (Kindle)
Let’s Play in the Garden (Kindle/CreateSpace)
Possessing the Grimstone (Kindle)
Ballad of the Fallen (Kindle)
Web of the Spider Queen (Kindle)
Oblivion 6 (Kindle/CreateSpace)
John Grover Fiction Sampler: Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi (Kindle)
The Fetch (Kindle/CreateSpace)