Testimonials – Editing

Shannon McGee

When I committed to the idea of publishing my book I poured over countless articles that listed the necessities for a successful book. A good editor was at the top of every list, and I got one in Jessica Holland. She was thorough and insightful, with a quick turnaround. Her comments were personal and thoughtful, […]

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Deborah Hawkins

Polgarus Studio has formatted all four of my e-books and has done an excellent job. I was delighted to learn that the studio is now offering editorial services. Jessica’s work on my upcoming novel has been excellent, and I can speak from experience having worked as an editor myself. Readers are highly sensitive to the

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Michael Allan Scott

My Story, and I’m Sticking To It: I was referred to Polgarus Studio by Nick Stephenson through his “Your First 10,000 Readers” course. I realized during the course, I would need to update and republish my books. My first book was published in 2012. It had been through two updates already, with three different editors

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Lee Jackson

I am so pleased with the job that Stephanie Parent did in proofreading Rasputin’s Legacy! She caught the little details that had escaped my intense scrutiny over many readings and top notch editors. She provided the final buffing on the polish applied by the last editor. I would say she brought it to a shine,

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Karyn Masters

I’m super impressed with Polgarus Studio’s editing/proofreading department. I’ve had bad experiences in the past with other editors overcharging and then doing sloppy work. I worked with Stephanie on my editing/proofreading and she sent me a sample upfront so I could get a good idea of her work, which is clean, thorough, and detailed. I

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Michael F. Stewart

There’s a saying that you can’t get a service that’s inexpensive and fast and high quality. You have to pick two. Polgarus Studios is an exception to the rule. If you’re looking for well priced, timely, quality editing or formatting, you’ve found the right spot. Keep in a Cold Dark Place (Kindle, print)

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John Louis Thomas

Polgarus Studio is a diamond in the rough. I’m in the US, and I certainly didn’t expect to find my best help in Tasmania, Australia. However, when I read the author testimonials, reviewed the rates, and finally experienced their services, future projects are in good hands. Marina is the coordinator who directs the team and

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Terri Walton

I want to extend my thanks to the staff at Polgarus for the help you’ve provided me with as a beginning author. I’m impressed with your courteous, professional service, attention to detail, and prompt communication. It is obvious that Polgarus takes pride in their work. I am really happy with Jessica’s edits and plan on

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Brooke Sivendra

I have used Polgurus Studio since the beginning of my writing career. I was referred to them by a fellow writer, and Polgarus has since proofread, all six of my published books. They are efficient, reliable, friendly and professional. The level of service they provide is outstanding and they are incredibly detail focused, ensuring a

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Hartley Stevens

I found the Polgarus Studio through other testimonials and personal recommendations. The life of a rookie writer is tough and lonely. So much of what you read and listen to is only self promotion. Such has not been the case with Polgarus. “Working with Marina and Jason Anderson has been the most pleasant experience I’ve

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