Testimonial – Dennis Boyer

I would like to strongly endorse Jason for his superior service.

I recently published my first e-book, a small collection of shorts. I bought guides on formatting and read all the advice posted on-line, but my first attempt to format myself was disastrous. Nothing worked right, it was littered with odd symbols and spaces. It made me question the entire endeavor. Looking at the option of having someone else format my work, I realized that any hope of profitability for my work would likely be sabotaged by the exorbitant rates most formatters charge.

Then someone told me about Jason. His fees were extremely reasonable so I figured it was worth a shot. I sent Jason an e-mail.

A day later I was given a perfectly formatted edition of my book. No more mistakes, no more odd glitches. Perfect. Linked TOC, interior cover, everything. It couldn’t be any easier than this!

And Jason was very accommodating – whatever I wanted the book to look like he was willing to do. He offered to tweak anything I wanted changed, but there was no need – it was exactly as it needed to be. Super-fast, accommodating, friendly service – and it cost me less than my typical lunch. Why would I ever waste hours of my time becoming frustrated wrestling with technology I don’t want to deal with? Short answer: I won’t. Not again anyway. I’ll be going to Jason for my formatting needs and I’ll spend my time and effort on writing.

Highly recommended.

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