Andy Halmay

You’ve never heard of me. I’m an 85 year old genius and idiot, depending on the field in which I try to function.

I developed the original concept for the vacation time-share which became a multi-billion industry in less than two years. I developed the great grandfather of the music video without which MTV Network could never have come to life nor BET network.

I won half a dozen awards for creative excellence on Madison Avenue for TV commercials, documentaries and sponsored films. I have worked with legendary names such as John Huston, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jackie Gleason, Paul Simon, Fred Neil, Carl Perkins, Lorne Greene, Leslie Nielsen, etc., but when it comes to dealing with many aspects of the Cyber world, I break out in a sweat, develop a head ache, get the shakes and feel like a helpless infant.

This is what happened to me when I tried to upload my new book, IT AIN’T FINE IF IT DON’T RHYME, which prompted me to do a search for a reliable individual who would take my word file and book cover, clean them up, convert them to the appropriate format and let me get the book up on

I looked up a fellow in Texas with whom I had spoken a few years ago when he launched this type of service. He has grown since then. I got a response not from him, but from one of his flunkies. They asked me to register with password and all the hoopla of the web; informed me that it would take a couple of weeks and that they’d get me a quote very quickly.

After waiting 24 hours I decided to browse through Google and see what I could find. There were a couple of fancy ones who quoted prices that would cover the cost of a used car. And then I found Jason Anderson.

Jason has a “G” for a second name and I forgot to ask him what the “G” stands for. But by the time we were done, I figured it out. It stands for “Good Guy.” The world is divided into Good Guys and the other kind. Life becomes much more liveable when we confine our relationships to good guys.

Jason’s wife greeted me at the outset and told me they’d get me a quote within a couple of hours. They did better than that. The quote was so reasonable I was tempted to double-check with them to make sure I had it right. Jason got the job done quickly, perfectly and saved me from breaking out in a sweat, developing a head ache, getting the shakes and feeling like a helpless infant.

I realize that by telling the world about how great Jason is, I may find myself having to line up behind other clients in the future to get his service but, as I confessed at the outset, I’m not always so bright. If there is any other info you may seek, don’t hesitate to contact me at

It Ain’t Fine if it Don’t Rhyme (Kindle)
One Hundred Naked Girls (Kindle)