Andy Maslen

For a first-time indie-publisher and novelist, letting go of my baby to anyone else was a tad scary. I needn’t have worried. Jason and Marina, you guys are the best.

As you know, you came highly recommended by Mark Dawson and I have to say he was absolutely right to do so.

From your advice about cover preparation, to answering queries, to my (embarrassingly) long list of amends, you just did what needed to be done quietly, efficiently and without fuss.

The finished results are awesome. The books couldn’t look more professional. The Kindle, iBooks and PDF files are all perfect, and now I have them on my (and my friends’) devices, I can say they look every bit as good as anything produced by one of the big publishing houses.

The print version in particular looks lovely. Crisp, clear type, elegant design and that hard-to-pin-down feeling that someone has lavished care and attention on a book.

Condor (Kindle, print)
Blind Impact (Kindle, print)
Trigger Point (Kindle, print)
Reversal of Fortune (Kindle)