Anita Rodgers

Great service, fast and friendly.
About a month ago I published a three-book mystery series on Amazon. Last week, I was mortified when I saw a reviewer mention formatting problems with the first book.
I had spent a lot of money having the books professionally formatted – and the personnel at that company made the process difficult, every step of the way. And often made me feel like they were doing me a favor. So, I wasn’t about to go back to them with the problem.
I’d seen a recommendation from Hugh Howey about Polgarus Studios. He said they did great work. So I went to the site and fired off an email. To my shock and delight I received an answer from Marina within an hour (on a Saturday evening no less). We exchanged several emails as she patiently answered all my questions – and in the end, I decided to have them reformat the book.
I was promised I’d see a draft within four days and, that promise was fulfilled. We had a couple of adjustments to make but Jason was very sweet and fast in making those little tweaks.
I’d highly recommend Polgarus for all your book formatting needs. They are very customer service oriented, fast, efficient, do great work and are quite affordable. Five stars.

Coffee and Crime (Kindle)