Bentley Dadmun

When I decided to produce print versions of my novels using Createspace, it was immediately apparent that I needed professional formatting, as my skills and desire in that area were nonexistent. A perusal of the net showed a glut of professional formatters advertising their skills, and it’s more than a little daunting trying to pick one.

I’m not sure why I picked Polgarus Studio but it turned out to be a fortuitous choice. My first contact was with Marina, who was unfailingly helpful, encouraging, and alleviated any concerns I might have had concerning the process and in dealing with a company 10,500 miles away. I then dealt with Jason, who, like Marina, was accommodating, supportive, and professional.

I now have the finished work in hand, I’m pleased with it, and will okay it with Createspace. I like the fact that Polgarus studio is a husband and wife team and that I’m not dealing with a large corporation or business primarily interested in profit. Based on Jason and Marina’s professional, first-rate labors on my behalf with the first novel, I intend to have Polgarus Studio format all my novels for Createspace.

At Play In Dangerous Skies (print)