Christmas Holiday 2017 Schedule

With Christmas fast approaching, we wanted to let you know what our schedule here at Polgarus Studio will be. 🙂 Please note that while this is our current plan, if we get inundated with manuscripts we may need to alter things (just to be fair to the people who have sent their books in already).

We will be closed between December 22 and January 1 (inclusive) – if you email us during that time, you probably won’t get a reply until January 2nd.

We are accepting books as normal that come in via the website without any prior notice until the end of Friday 15th of December – anything sent after that won’t be scheduled until the new year.

We will accept priority books until the 18th of December.

You can schedule a (normal turnaround) formatting job ahead of time up to the 18th. Bear in mind that something booked as a normal job for the 18th may not have time to have more than one format done (so if you want both ebook and print, there would probably only be time to get the ebook done before the shutdown unless you choose priority), and if you send changes to us after the 21st there’s a good chance they won’t be done until the new year 🙂 Also keep in mind that if you miss the date, we may not be able to schedule you back in until the new year!

(Just a reminder from above – if we get an unexpectedly high number of books, we may have to close to new submissions earlier than the dates above.)