Donald Wells

Jason is my Go To Guy whenever I need a book formatted. He’s fast, he’s reliable and he’s great at what he does. His prices are very affordable and it’s a relief to know that there’s someone there who can be counted on to make my books look professional and easy to read. He’s formatted all of my Box Set Collections and saved me countless hours of trying to figure out how to do it myself. I’ve been thinking of doing print versions of my Box Sets and there’s no question who I’ll use to format the PDF’s. As I said, Jason is my Go To Guy when it comes to formatting, make him yours too and you won’t be sorry.

Little White Sins (The Reynolds Family Saga – Book 6) (Kindle)
Blue Steele – Box Set – Captures 1-6 (Kindle)
Caliber Detective Agency – Box Set – Case Files 1-6 (Kindle)
Taken! Box Set – Books 1-6 (Kindle)
Thrillogy (Kindle)
Taken! Box Set – Books 7-12 (Kindle)
Taken! Box Set – Books 13-18 (Kindle)
Taken! Box Set – Books 19-24 (Kindle)
Dropping My Shorts (Kindle)
The Thirty Nine (A TAKEN! Novel – Book 1) (Kindle)
Taken! Mega Box Set – Books 1-24 (Kindle)
Kidnapping The Devil (A TAKEN! Novel – Book 2) (Kindle)
Hit Squad (A TAKEN! Novel – Book 3) (Kindle)
Everything New Is Old Again (The Reynolds Family Saga-Book 7) (Kindle)
INDIE: A Humorous Look At Independent Publishing (Kindle)