J.M. Surra

I released my first novel to some success, and for some time I was quite satisfied with everything in my little world. My editor at that time was sharp, and also did formatting for me. And sometimes disappeared for a while.

When my second book, T.I.T.O.R. completed the lengthy transition from first draft to final draft, I was expecting a successful release. I made press releases, and gave it the advertising full-court press. The first release is always in Kindle form, and that went smoothly, until the read-through revealed that the wrong file had been uploaded! Subsequent attempts to contact my editor proved futile.

A frantic month ensued. You see, the only version available to me was in my possession only by accident. It was 22,000 words shorter than the finished version, and lacked fully five story revisions. I worked 20 hours a day through that month, writing, and trying to find a new editor and formatting service. An editor friend of mine stepped up and lent a hand, editing on the fly while I kept my nose to the grindstone.

Eventually word leaked through to me that my (former) editor had accidentally uploaded the wrong file, had deleted the only finished working copy of my book (unintentionally), and was afraid to tell me.

Just as all the work was completed on the book rewrite, I found Jason. He listened to my rather extraordinary needs, and gave me a reasonable price for what I asked of him. The next week or two were pretty tough on us both, but he didn’t abandon me. Before long, I had in my hands the best Kindle, EPUB, Smashwords , and CreateSpace files I’d ever seen. T.I.T.O.R., in the different eBook formats, each viewed on their respective readers, is as polished as any publisher’s eBook products I’ve seen to date. And, as an eBook reader, I can truthfully say it’s much nicer than most of them I’ve read. I’ve never seen better.

Despite my escalating needs during that time, Jason and Polgarus Studio’s prices never went out of sight. They remained affordable, and as a finished product, T.I.T.O.R. is something to be proud of. He’ll be formatting all of my works in the future, and if you’re a serious writer, you should look no further. Polgarus Studios is THE place to go for all your formatting needs. Jason is the face of Polgarus, and you’ll find him a pleasure to work with.

Superlative work, a job well done, and Kudos across the board for Jason and Polgarus Studios.

T.I.T.O.R (Kindle)