Lashell Collins

My first experience with self-publishing my novels was fraught with “technical difficulties.” It was one headache after another that left me in tears for days. No exaggeration! So I went looking for someone to help with the formatting issues that were plaguing me. When I found Polgarus Studio, I honestly thought I was reading their website all wrong. There had to be a catch somewhere! I send them my original file, and they format it for me so that I don’t feel like pulling my hair out anymore. AND their prices were actually affordable?!?! Could this be true? Well, what I found is that not only is it true, but that’s just the beginning. Jason is so very easy to work with, very straightforward and accommodating. And even before I made the decision to use their services, Marina answered all of my silly, nervous questions in a timely manner that put me right at ease. Both of them are friendly and professional. I will definitely use Polgarus again, and I would recommend their services to any writer who wants to focus on the writing and not the formatting! Thanks, Marina and Jason!

Jagged Addiction (Kindle)
Pierced By Christmas (Kindle)
Pierced By Trilogy (Kindle)
Jagged Secrets (Kindle)
Jagged Surrender (Kindle)
Storm (Kindle)
Frankie (Kindle)
Marina (Kindle)
Ethan (Kindle)