Lori Nelson

As a first time author, I had no idea what I was doing. Especially when it came to the technology required to self-publish. Indeed, I first wrote my book entirely by hand before transcribing it to a computer.

Lucky enough to land with Jason & Marina Anderson, my story was beautifully formatted and will no doubt be a professional pivot point for the success of “Torture”!

I appreciated the patience extended to me, the quick turn around time, the very reasonable fees, and the expertise this team brought to the project. I learned so much! And my book looks wonderful as a result!

I imagine there are lots of choices when it comes to book formatting, but I wouldn’t look anywhere else. This is the team for me and I look forward to working with Jason and Marina again and again. Whether you are a first time writer or an established author, I highly recommend them, and I assure you the service and results here will be fantastic!

Torture! [Kindle/CreateSpace]