Meagan Hurst

As a new author (and self-publishing to boot!) all the pieces required to get a book ready to go live has been daunting. Despite reassurances from other self-publishing authors who told me I should format my books myself, I wanted to ensure When the Kingdom Falls looked its absolute best. After researching formatters online, I stumbled upon Polgarus Studio, and I couldn’t be more delighted and relieved I did. Both Marina and Jason are beyond helpful, and their patience, friendliness, and professionalism was incredible, and I definitely recommend them to anyone who wants that extra polish for their work. Plus, their prices were fantastic, and I’m definitely planning on sending them my other works as they get completed. If you’ve been looking for a company to format your masterpiece, this is the company and the people you want to work with!

When the Kingdom Falls (ebook, print)