Mitch Michaelson

I experimented with Amazon KDP’s upload feature and got a .mobi file. Neat. Did it have a hyperlinked table of contents? No. Did I get an .epub file for other sites? No. I remembered an ebook I read with clean formatting, so I contacted their formatter, Polgarus Studio. The site was clear and professional, and the prices very reasonable.

Marina was fast to respond. Jason was detail-oriented. He provided precise, informative instructions and advice. He knew what could go wrong. In the draft .mobi file, smart quotes got messed up 16 times because of how I put them in the .docx file. Jason easily fixed that. I respect his guidance.

Bottom line: If I did it on my own, I would have made mistakes that cost me sales. Jason and Marina gave me smart, splendid files. You couldn’t pry me away from them. I’ll use Polgaurus Studio again.

The Eye of Orion, Book 1: Gearjackers (Kindle)