Nick Costello

I recently self-published my first book Kiss What? Marketing as a self-publisher is pretty frustrating. After talking with other authors and doing some research, I discovered marketing my book as a eBook could reap me some excellent sales. As a first-time author, I have wasted a chunk of money going down marketing rabbit trails. I decided to try and format my book into an eBook myself and realized it was too much for me to grasp and out of my area of expertise. I searched the internet for quite awhile looking for someone who could format my book for me at a reasonable price. I stumbled upon Jason.

Reading through his web site convinced me he was a pro and knew the importance of having a good quality eBook is to it’s author. He explained some things I didn’t find on other web sites. I contacted Jason and got a response quickly. Every questioned was answered to gain my confidence in his service and his fees were very reasonable. I signed up for his service and can honestly say I am glad I did.

As a communicator, I deal with people all the time. Every person is important to me I work with or teach. I got the impression Jason really cared about doing the best job possible and clearly understood how important my book is to me. His public relations was over the top and i never got the impression I was being a nuisance sending him corrections or asking questions. An admirable job!! I found Jason to be very personable as well.

I am very pleased and will use him for my next bunch of projects. Thanks Jason!

Kiss What? (Kindle)