Robert Ryan

Like many authors starting their self-publishing journey, I had decided to launch my novel as a Kindle e-book at Amazon. When it came time to hire someone to do the formatting (since I don’t know HTML from Humpty Dumpty and don’t have the time to learn), I discovered that there are many, many firms that do this. While reading all the testimonials, the glowing reports kept me coming back to Polgarus. It certainly didn’t hurt that one of those glowing reports was from Hugh Howey, THE success story among self-published indie authors. So Polgarus it was. Polgarus is a husband and wife team–Marina and Jason. They have been a pleasure to deal with–prompt and patient with a newbie as I stumbled through the learning curve. And the final product–the Kindle version of my novel, Dracula Lives–is an impeccably formatted book. If you’re looking for someone to format your book–they can also format it for Createspace, Amazon’s service for creating the paperback version–look no further.

Dracula Lives (Kindle, CreateSpace)