Sian Liege

I would like to give a big thank you to Marina and Jason of Polgarus studios in Australia; they are two very clever magicians of formatting. My gratitude to them both is immense. The job of converting my manuscript for publication was challenging to say the least, I wanted images installed and a pesky second POV, Jason and Marina took all of this in their stride. They tackled my quirky requests with upper most professionalism and skill which produced a beautifully formatted book that did me and Polgarus studios proud.

I ended up with a job well done and not some generic spit out from a formatting program. The presentation of my book demonstrates their mastery and expertise in the field of book formatting.

Jason and Marina presented me with a finished product that I felt confident to publish and was a joy to read. I cannot thank them enough.

The Ecstasy Code (ebook)