Vimal Vaz

The whole indie publishing thing is pretty hellish when one first starts out, never mind worrying about if your story is good enough and ready to be published, it’s getting the whole presentation thing right – free of formatting errors and the like which can ruin everything if it’s done badly. Scared the crap out of me to be honest! I researched all this, looking into DIY options and companies offering such services. In the end I just liked what Jason and Marina said on their website! Being a writer, I guess I respond more to well written stuff rather than blatant sales copy. Marina handled my initial queries via Facebook and email promptly and then Jason took over and handled the formatting for both my books – The Kiss of Karma and The Wrath of Karma. I’m very happy with their services and will be using them again in the future. Highly recommended!

The Kiss of Karma (Kindle)
Wrath of Karma (Kindle)