Launch of the new site

Back in May 2012, I came to the decision to offer my skills in formatting to self-published authors who wanted their book created with hand-crafted HTML. Things started off slow, and for a while I thought I had made a mistake “hanging out the shingle”.

Then, after a slow start, the jobs started to come in. And, to my eternal gratitude, they haven’t stopped.

But now it’s time to move my formatting services off my author site, and give them a site of their own. I’ll still be offering the same level of service that I always have, it will just have a business name (Polgarus Studio) attached to it instead of my own name. My wife has also agreed to help out, acting as the first point of contact if you want us to format a book for you and answering any questions you may have.

The past year has been an amazing one. I look forward to the coming years being even more amazing!