S.J. Crown

When I ran across Jason’s website, saw his e-formatting prices, and reviewed the appreciative testimonials, I decided to give him a try. So glad I did. Here’s four reasons why: First, Jason offers four formats for less than some others charge for one or two. Second, Jason is fast. Less than two weeks after contacting him, I had all four formats. Third, and in my opinion this is the best part, I was able to edit my book a few times after he sent me the first file for Kindle. The e-reader format makes certain kinds of manuscript errors stand out, and being able to fix these was a godsend. Fourth, the quality is excellent. The first comment I received from another Indie author was “Nice formatting!”

If, like me, you don’t know how to format for e-books, or maybe even if you do, Jason’s services are a bargain. I heartily recommend him.

The Victors Club (Kindle/CreateSpace)